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Michael H. Epstein & Scott E. Schwimer Glamour Photography Auction

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The Michael H. Epstein & Scott E. Schwimer collected works of glamour photography, fine art photography and contemporary art is one of the world's most unique. The compilations convey impeccable style and beauty that will stand the test of time.


In addition to owning the world's largest privately held glamour photography archive, Epstein and Schwimer are also the publishers of various George Hurrell editions, as well as those of Mel Roberts and Harry Langdon.

Hurrell's Hollywood Portraits by Mark Vieria, the most comprehensive book published on George Hurrell, is now in its 7th printing and includes many examples of works that are part of the Epstein and Schwimer anthology. California Boys is a sold-out book of Mel Roberts' work. Following Roberts; passing, Epstein and Schwimer became the owners of the Roberts photography estate, which includes thousands of his vintage prints; a number of his finest prints will be offered in this sale.

The Epstein and Schwimer collected works include some of the most important names in photography, such as George Hurrell, Clarence Sinclair Bull, Ruth Harriet Louise, James Manatt, Laszlo Willinger, Otto Dyar, Eugene Richee, Ernest Bachrach, Elmer Fryer, Ray Jones, Hal Phyfe, Nickolas Muray, as well as Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Bruno Bernard, Marcus Leatherdale, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Man Ray, Herb Ritts, Cindy Sherman, Jock Sturges, and Howard Zieff. Moreover, the collection contains an incomparable assemblage of Len Prince and Mel Roberts work as well as fine art by Andy Warhol, Richard Duardo, Keith Haring, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, Beatrice Wood and numerous others.

Epstein and Schwimer recently decided to open up their vaults and for the first time will be selling their collected photographic and fine art masterpieces to benefit many of the charitable organizations they passionately support, primarily the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center on which Epstein served as a board member for 7 years.

Epstein comments, "It's time for Scott and me to share the fruits of our 25-year collection with the rest of the world.  We want others to enjoy and embrace the most rewarding field of collecting which we can ever imaging being involved." Epstein continues, "There is no better organization than Profiles in History to entrust our collection. I am certain that Scott and I will be back collecting once this auction is over."