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LOST: The Auction Dates Announced for August 21-22, 2010 in Los Angeles

The Electric Playground's Miri uncovers everything about the props, set pieces, and costumes auction for the hit TV series Lost. Courtesy of The Electric Playground www.elecplay.com  To view the original video, please visit http://www.elecplay.com/watch/20/124/2/185#

Highlights from the Upcoming Auction

An update with Profiles in History CEO Joe Maddalena on this Summer's "LOST" auction event. An official sale by ABC and Disney, this auction will include all of the original assets from the television production - props, costumes, vehicles, production art, set pieces, and more. This interview includes the latest information about the sale. The original video can be seen at www.originalpropblog.com. Compliments of Jason Debord.

For more information about LOST: The Auction, please visit www.profilesinhistory.com or call 310-859-7701.